The best way to control the access

Using boom barriers is the best when it comes to controlling the vehicular movement, be it a Commercial Property, a Residential Complex, or any other kind of gated property. In conclusion, The barriers are not only the most convenient but also cost-effective. Cognito Solutions is the leading boom barrier gates supplier in Pune, and boom barrier gates dealers in Pune.

Fewer guards are required to man the gate with boom barriers, making them a more economical option.

We believe in providing top of a class experience to our customers with super responsive after-sales services. Maybe that’s why we are one of the leaders in providing the Barrier Solutions. Cognito Solutions provide Boom Barrier Dealers in Pune. We are the best supplier, distributor, wholesaler, and trader of Boom Barrier in Pune.

Manual Operations:

The Boom Barrier can be operated manually with the help of the use of a push button.

Automatic Operations:

The automatic operation of the Barrier can be done with the help of a UHF Reader and a Controller system or with Parking Solutions.

The UHF Reader and Control System:

This type of system is the new trend among the gated societies and several Commercial Spaces that have dedicated parking spaces for regular visitors at their premises. A UHF Card is either pasted on the windshield of the Vehicle or given to the respective owner of the vehicle. Therefore, When the UHF Card comes in the range of the UHF Reader, the barrier opens up via the controller, making the whole operation automated and secure.

Parking Solution System :

For Commercial parking spaces and for shopping complexes, or for that matter anywhere the parking spaces are not predesignated. Hence, The parking solution combined with Boom Barriers comes in handy for the operation of the Boom Barriers. Hence the whole process is smart, easy to manage, and of course, secure. Finally, This is a kind of solution that is not only in need of commercial places, but with the increased traffic has become a necessity.

The main features are:

  • Durable and sturdy
  • Trouble-free operation and minimum maintenance required
  • Optimum protection of drive unit against vandalism
  • Microprocessor-based control panel with all necessary functions
  • Numerous accessories are offered, allowing them to meet various installation constraints, and various requirements in terms of security.
  • Separate controls are possible using a push-button, key switch, remote control, magnetic card reader, proximity card reader, light beam, induction loop, etc.
  • Compatibility with all Access control systems (Bio-metric, proximity cards, etc.)

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