5 Mistakes People Make While Buying CCTV Cameras

Never make these 5 mistakes while buying a CCTV camera

If someone asked you whether you would like to keep your home significantly safer, would you say no?

Of course not.

People take extreme and, sometimes, unnecessary steps to keep their homes and businesses safe from burglars and intruders. Some buy expensive (read-heavy) locks, while others try their luck hiring security personnel. However, not all methods are effective. Locks add, at best, an additional layer of protection and, at worst, are just a mild hindrance for thieves. And, hiring trustworthy security personnel is a matter of luck. The best and, perhaps, most effective method of surveillance is installing a CCTV camera. With the sheer increase in the number of CCTV cameras available in the market, you should know 5 mistakes while buying a CCTV camera system apt for your particular needs can be overwhelming and challenging.

5 Mistakes People Make While Buying CCTV Cameras
While several resources will tell you just what to look for in a security system, we are going to let you know what mistakes you should avoid when buying CCTV cameras. CCTV Camera installation services in Pune and CCTV camera dealers in Pune. Get the latest and best security and surveillance solutions for your home, office, or even industrial setup.

After a lot of research, we have understood that, in general, people make these five mistakes while buying a CCTV camera.

Let’s get started.

1. Buying the Cheapest CCTV Camera in the Market

Everyone has a budget.

And, that’s fine.

That’s because a good CCTV camera, these days, can fit in almost all budgets. There are so many CCTV cameras in the market that you don’t have to compromise on quality simply because you are working on a tighter budget. However, if you go for the cheapest version, you could end up with a CCTV camera that doesn’t meet any of your needs. Although we agree that price is a factor in choosing a CCTV camera, we urge you to think of a surveillance system as a form of investment that’ll prove itself useful in the long run.

2. Choosing a CCTV Camera without Night Vision Capability

What good is a CCTV camera that doesn’t help you when you need it the most? During nights and under limited lighting conditions?

We can all agree that such cameras don’t serve their purpose when the sun goes down. Incredibly, such cameras are still being sold. These cameras don’t stop capturing images. So knowing 5 mistakes while buying a CCTV camera is mandatory, However, the images are grainy and blurred, and the persons in the footage are indistinguishable. The correct CCTV camera system should be capable of capturing clear images even at night and under limited lighting conditions.

3. Not Doing Enough Research

Not all CCTV cameras are made equal.

The onus is on the customers to research each camera and its features to select the right one for their particular needs. Before committing to a CCTV system, make sure you know what its features are and how it will be helpful to you. Understand each CCTV type, learn about the features that set these systems apart, look into their costs, learn about installation and maintenance.

4. Saying No to Monitoring Services

Surveillance doesn’t end with buying a CCTV camera.

It starts there.

Another mistake people make when buying a CCTV camera is they forget about monitoring services. A camera with a great set of features is undoubtedly useful, but without a proper surveillance monitoring system connected with it, it is not the most effective. Since you can’t be expected to keep an eye on the security monitor at all times, a reputed monitoring services company can assess the risks, threats, and vulnerabilities in your security system.

5. Not Installing Adequate Cameras Around the Perimeter

Do you think one camera at the front door would be enough for your home and office security needs? Or two cameras around the perimeter should do the trick, right?


Every home or office is different, and as such, the correct number of CCTVs that can cover the entire premises is a matter of proper calculation. It is essential to thoroughly understand the premises, its blind spots, the selected camera’s lens, and its Field of View before choosing the camera.

When you don’t buy enough cameras, you expose yourself to many risks because several spots are not under surveillance. If you are not covering all the areas around your office or home, your security system is not as effective as you want it to be.

So, what is your next step?

Now that we have told you what to avoid when buying a CCTV camera which is 5 mistakes while buying a CCTV camera, don’t you think buying a perfect CCTV surveillance system is not as challenging as you expected it to be?

The key to finding the right CCTV camera starts with understanding your particular needs, the type of surveillance you wish for your loved ones, and your property. You should also keep in mind your budget, but make sure the price tag does not influence all your buying decisions.

Most importantly, when you avoid these five mistakes when buying a CCTV system for your home and business needs, you can’t go wrong. As the last word, we always recommend talking to the experts before making the call. They have both on-field experience and technological prowess to help you identify the right camera for your home. CCTV camera installation services in Pune, CCTV camera dealers in Pune. We offer installation, maintenance, and repairs of all types of CCTV cameras and systems at affordable rates.

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